Watch Hill, RI

Monday, August 12. Day 37

This morning we lifted anchor at 730 to travel to Watch Hill Cove to anchor at Napatree Beach. The main rain was to our south, but it rained a little on our way. We motored the entire way as there was not wind.

20130813-123844.jpg As we were coming up to the breakwalls for Stonington, RI, we decided to go in to see if there were any grocery stores within walking distance as we are running a little low on fresh foods. We passed these fishing boats.

20130813-124127.jpg The channel has thin water, so Phil went slow. At the gas dock, the chart showed 5′ of water but they said there was enough water so we came in. Turns out there was 8′ of water. While Phil stayed with the boat

20130813-124344.jpg I walked to the small store that the dock girl said was good for hurricane provisions.

20130813-124513.jpg. Of course she was right, so I was able to get only a few things on our list, but at least they had distilled water and half n half for Phil’s coffee. This is the street the shop was on, like a lot of the places we have visited lately, lots of boutiques but not much of what we need.


Then we left Stonington and entered the channel to Watch Hill Cove. I was down below and than BAMB and a very strong jolt. My bowl of cereal spilled, the companionway steps lurched and all the blueberries along with everything else in the galley spilled to the floor. We had hit a rock. I turned on the bilge pump and not much water came out, so we didn’t have permanent damage. We always say that Changes is built like a tank. We continued further in the channel and didn’t have any further mishaps until we anchored in front of Napatree beach by 1020am, our first real anchorage area.

20130813-130314.jpg We don’t have nearly as many powerboats going by, so it’s much calmer. After a while, we put the engine on the dinghy and went into town. From the water, it looks like many condos. Actually the first floors of the buildings are a lot of boutiques for the rich vacationing at the beach except for a few restaurants. This photo was taken on our way back in the evening after taking a walk to the sand dunes and on the beach so the setting sun is lighting up the town.

After walking around town, we went to St Clair Annex to have New England Clam Chowder for Lorraine and cheeseburger for Phil. This place was packed inside and we had little wait for the burger and fries, so Lorraine ate the delicious soup while we waited and we went outside on benches to eat the rest.

After lunch, we walked away from town. We came to the old Watch Hill carousel. By the Carousel there is the beach you pay $8 per person to enjoy. They do have the East Beach that locals can go to for free.


20130813-141343.jpg As you can see, it’s only for children of a certain size.



Walking up the hill we came to East Beach, which had a path to it in between two large houses, one of which had a security guard standing on the drive. Here is a photo of the sign and the beach.





Also close to the East Beach entrance was a road to the Watch Hill Lighthouse that had a sign Walkers Only except if you’re older than 68, disabled, or a Veteran you could drive a car in. There also was a security guard with a red jeep. Phil kids Lorraine all the time that a Jeep is the next car She will buy him, even though there hasn’t been a FIRST car.


Of course there are beautiful houses.

The Yellow one has a unique garden along side the road.



I like this photo that Phil took.

The outside of the stone wall protecting the road by the lighthouse.

Along the beaches on the dunes we found this plant growing. I’m hoping that someone will tell me what this is. Louise?



As always, there are stone walls, this one is a retaining wall between the properties.


This is a panoramic view of Watch Hill Cove from the top of the sand dune at the beginning of Napatree Beach.


We tried to go crabbing on the edge of some rocks in the dinghy, but except for catching a little 2″ crab, we weren’t successful. I’m going to investigate on the Internet. Here are some finds from our walk on the beach.

Jelly fish



Changes in the setting sun as we return from our adventures.


We plan to stay here another day to try crabbing again hopefully before the rain starts. Then go to Block Island RI.

22 thoughts on “Watch Hill, RI

  1. Lorraine, I discovered that if I open the blog on my ipad, I make the pictures bigger by tapping on them. However, that doesn’t work on my “old” computer. I’ll read the blog on my ipad from now on. Hope you’re both ejoying the cooler weather. Ginny


  2. Looks like native roses the berrys are rose hips and edible. Rugerosa is the technical name I believe. Great pictures BTW.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you. There are so many beautiful places here, it’s hard to put in just what I have. Maybe when I have a good WiFi signal, I’ll load up on Flicker and post a link.


  3. That plant is Rosa Rugosa, Lorraine, or what is more commonly known as “Beach Rose”. They grow wild along the seashore, here in New England, and those are the big red rose hips you are seeing after the flower petals have gone by. The rose is a single type – having 5 to 7 petals – and they are a pretty vivid magenta pink.


  4. That is rosa rugosa – it’s a type of rose that can tolerate salt air. We grow it here, too. Marvelously fragrant and easy to grow.


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