Rainy day in Watch Hill Cove, RI

Tuesday, August 13. Day 37

We woke to fog in our anchorage so thick that we could only see the three boats close to us. Good thing that we weren’t planning on going anywhere, but not good as Lorraine won’t be able to go crabbing. As the morning went on, the rain came and went and the fog lightened so that we could see the shoreline and then came back again.

I know that I shouldn’t complain as we are living the dream life right? But I have been feeling crabby and down in the dumps the past couple days as I need to be around more people. Phil has been great and we’ve been doing well, but it’s just for right now, I would like to meet other people. We’re finding that leaving so early, we are not meeting people that are going south yet, as we are going EAST before we start heading south. It’s been great seeing friends, so that has helped prevent this happening sooner.

We had leftovers for mid afternoon, then a man from the trawler anchored next to us and stopped over to chat. Turns out that he and his wife stay in this area for the summer and he told us of a grocery store, a hardware store, laundromat, liquor store all close together a long dinghy ride up the river. Yeah!! He even talked about inviting us over. NEW PEOPLE! 🙂 By late afternoon, the rain stopped and the fog was gone.

So later in the evening, I made some brownies to share and after we saw a second dinghy tied up to their boat leave, we thought it would be safe go over to offer to share the brownies. Maybe they were done with supper. Well they weren’t, but Gardner and Caryl welcomed us aboard anyway. How nice! We talked about what’s available to do in the area. In Stonington there is the fishing wharf where you can get fresh seafood. At the end of Sandy Point at low tide, you can dig your hands 6″ into the sand and bring up clams, and they told us how to clean them and where to go crabbing. They gave directions about getting to McQuades’s supermarket and the dock we can tie up to. We got a tour of their M/Y (motor yacht) Bark Java named after the whaling ship her great great great grandfather sailed on and the mementos they found in the attic and donated to the local historic society. They did take some brownies and I felt so much better after visiting with them.

We will stay another day and go shopping, do laundry, and maybe get some crabbing in before we leave to go to Block Island, RI. Things are looking up.

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