Dering Harbor Day 2

Monday, August 19, Day 43

The morning was spent with Lorraine updating the blog. She’s gotten behind with doing other things. Phil spent the time reading and puttering. By early afternoon, we were ready to get off the boat and explore. First order of business was to get rid of the garbage. At the town dinghy dock, there was a sign that said we need to buy town garbage bags, so off to the hardware store. BTW, the bags cost $2.50 each and were big enough to fit twice as much as we had to put in them. That job done we searched out getting buying lunch. Phil had heard that The Dory had a 1.5 hr wait so we decided to buy sandwiches at Reddings Market, which has a small amount of upscale groceries, prepared hot and cold foods and meat and produce at the back of the store. Our burger, chicken panini sandwich and fries were good. On the way there, we saw where we could get our propane tank filled so went back to Changes and got our propane tank and supplies to try crabbing. Back at the town dock, we got our 10# tank filled for $15 at Picozzi Gas Station on the corner across from the town dock.

We tried crabbing by the two bridges, but it was low tide and the water didn’t look like it was healthy for animal life. This is just the wrong place I guess. Back at the boat I worked on my latest knitting project, a Pima cotton cream color shawl. Phil did iPad stuff. Supper was a quick Alfredo sauce mix, canned turkey and fresh yellow squash all mixed together which was good actually. Then we invited Dianne and Phil over for just a short chat as they work now. I wanted to show them our boat and the Bahamas Quilt as they had signed a square. We hope to see the again when we reach St. Augustine, FL.

Tomorrow morning we have a quick trip across the water to Greenport on the north fork of Long Island.

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