To Greenport, NY

Tuesday, August 20. Day 44

This morning we raised anchor to go the 1.83nm across Shelter Island Sound to Brewers Greenport Marina. Anchored almost in the middle of the sound was a very big power boat that had a helicopter on the back deck. It had what looked like “T6” on the side, and no boat name to be seen on the side of the boat. Where can it be from as the flag is navy blue with white horizontal and vertical stripes separating the flag into 4 blocks. The upper left block had the red “star” made from stripes typical of British colonies or the UK and four red stars next to it. I’ll have to check out a book of flags to see if I can find out which country it is. If any of you are good at geography,I ‘d love to know the country. By 949am we were tied up at the dock and all snug at B10. Then we went to the office to see our friend Mike. Boy was he welcoming! Sure Phil can work on his dinghy and we’ll lift it with a crane and get it to the indoor building for you. Sure Lorraine can work on her window project upstairs. Anything else we need? Showers? The Ladies have 2 close to your dock! Oh and we have a courtesy van to take you into town and a laundry here on the premises.

Quick as a wink, Phil had the dinghy lifted and into the building so that he could start fixing the bright work (sand and varnish the wood) and paint the seats red, our favorite color to coordinate with Changes. While Phil was busy, I got the dirty clothes and a couple of the cushion covers and took it over and started laundry. It’s adjoining Billy’s Raw Bar, but I didn’t partake yet. While there I met Jill T. and we talked about bio-identical hormones. Why? Because she’s a family practice MD specializing in them and she’s very passionate about it. I’m a nurse so I was interested on a professional and personal basis. Too bad she’s from Houston, TX. Too far away to see.

After laundry while Phil is sanding the wood, I take advantage of the courtesy van and Mike takes me to the grocery store telling me some history of the area along the way. The local IGA is a pretty good store and they had a farmer’s market stand in front. I look at the heirloom tomatoes, but at $4/pound I pass but got patty pan squash instead. Yum!!

Once I’m home again, and the groceries put away I make supper from the fresh chicken thighs, patty pan squash, and potatoes cooked on the grill they have here.

We were relaxing, Lorraine knitting and Phil reading when there was a knock on the boat. Jill and her husband, Dan “Tex” invited us over to their boat for drinks. They have a Carver 400 called Noah Genda. They were here for a few more days waiting for their prop to get fix after at dead low tide backing out of the slip in Sag Harbor, they hit a rock and damage the prop. This Carver slides all over the place as there is no keel, a flat bottom, no bow thrusters and plenty of windage from a super high boat. Their previous boat was a Tiera, which is a VERY nice boat. They think their Carver is a piece of shit. They are planning on buying a Marlow 65’ as they want to be able to sell their house, retire and go cruising. We had a blast talking about their experiences with horses and team penning which they were very good at and had excellent horses for. Phil knows about that from his friend Kay. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening and we’re so glad that they invited us over! (The next morning their prop arrived, they had it put on and were gone.)

Tomorrow Lorraine will start her window project and Phil continues working on the dinghy.

7 thoughts on “To Greenport, NY

  1. Hi Lorraine, So glad to hear you both are doing ok. Sounds like fun meeting new people along the way. What an experience. Have enjoyed the pics and travels so far. I’d love to visit Watch Hill Cove and Mystic. Had a friend who was just in Mystic in the beginning of the summer. They loved it also. Hope your projects get done quickly and you get to be on your “merry way”. Take care. Sally


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