Able to upload Photos

The long-awaited camera connection kit arrived today. hurrah! Below are some photos that I have wanted to share with you,

Inside front and top zippers for side window

Mostly finished side windows. Need Phil to put on quarter turn hardware to attach to Bimini tubing.

Putting the fixed wind instrument on top of the mast. We can now tell the wind speed and direction. Phil fixed a broken wire and saved us $500+

Putting the dinghy on the boat. Easiest time we ever had.

On the bow. Doesn’t the bottom paint look good?

Sunset at Brewer Yacht Yard Greenport, NY

Lorraine updating the blog trying out plastic pattern material in the rain. Yup, think the side windows will work well when they are completed later this week..


More photos and posts to follow but check out earlier post “Week at Brewer …” For added photos too.

4 thoughts on “Able to upload Photos

  1. Lorraine, You are so talented. Everything you two have made for the boat looks so professional. How has sailing on the ocean been for you? Ginny

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    • Thank you! I’m fine with being on the ocean as long as the waves aren’t too bad defined by me as >6 ft. I also don’t like fog, but haven’t had any since leaving Long Island Sound.


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