Hoffman Cay, Berry Islands

Wednesday, December 18

We left a little later as had to fill water tanks, put dinghy back on deck and go to get gas for the dinghy. That was an adventure we wouldn’t want to repeat, getting gas I mean. As we came up to the gas dock, Phil wasn’t too sure if it, but a big Bahamian guy came out so we made a go for it. The wind was pushing the boat all over the place pushing us onto the dock and current was going out in the opposite direction. We got a bow line tied, but then the stern and hard Bimini hit the 3 pilings roped together. I tossed the spring line, and the man manhandled the boat in until we were close enough to toss the stern line. Really harried but we made it, got the gas and left without incident. BTW gas is $5.97/gal for gas. We were out of the cut by 9am with winds NNE 13-16kts. We expected the winds to increase during the day, but they didn’t which was goo as we had to go upwind.

We had a good passage but it was rocky rolly back and forth, my worse point of sail! The upwind part wasn’t too bad, but I did get seasick. We started fishing with the big rod and a new lure and added squid on the hook and IMMEDIATELY caught a fish. Took >30 min to land a 3-4ft fish. We think it was barracuda so threw him back but now Phil and I are not sure it was a barracuda. Then put out the Cuban hand line with another new lure and caught a yellow tail snapper 18″ long and was a keeper. We’ll be having fish tonight instead of leftover pork. After the fish was cleaned by Phil, I took Marazine and went down to sleep for about 2hrs. Woke up feeling good. We did sail from about 1115am to 235pm when turned on engine to enter the cut. We dropped anchor dragging at first but then set REALLY good at 255pm.

Dinner was yellow tail snapper and left over rice to which I added some stewed tomatoes. We are really tired fighting to stay awake and went to bed at 9pm, VERY early for us.

It’s beautiful here at Hoffman Cay, the sunset had a green flash! and we may move tomorrow morning first thing at high tide. We came in at low tide and want to get a little further north in more protection from swells. SV Truant, Mark and Jo and SV Quick Stix , Ken And Merydei (merridee)are anchored here also.

We don’t have good internet so won’t be able to post photos until get to Nassau.

2 thoughts on “Hoffman Cay, Berry Islands

  1. Hi Guys!

    Nice to read your posts. Stay safe! Congratulations on the fish!

    Lorraine, have you tried the “one earplug in” to alleviate and prevent seasickness? Several WWSers have said it works great.

    We are freezing our butts off here. Today there is a heatwave. It is 33F.

    Love, J,S and H


    • I keep meaning to try that one earplug trick. Asked Phil to remind me. Stay warm! I remember when 33F is warm after it being in the single digits. It was down to 78f here and phil was cold. Guess it’s what you get use to. Hurry back!


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