Move to Little Harbour Cay

Thursday, December 19

We woke at 630am to listen to Chris Parker and it was easy to hear him on SSB. More east wind in the upper teens is increasing to 20kts tomorrow.

After some discussion with SV’s Truant and Quick Sticks we decided to move a couple miles south with Quick Sticks leading the way as they draw 4.5′ and could sound out the depth for us. We were moving on a rising tide and the shallowest we saw was 0.8′ in the 1.2meter area. We are in a more protected anchorage here with MY Out Post here. They wondered if we’d be here for Christmas, but not likely if we get the weather window to get to Nassau about 34nm away. I understand they plan to stay a month, have 2anchors down so they can get TV reception from satellite I guess.

After breakfast we took the dinghy off the foredeck and got the engine on so went exploring trying out the new “lookee” buckets. There is a lot of grass in the area and a few small coral head. I saw small fish, a queen trigger fish and a black fish I didn’t know what it was. Mark on SV Truant went around scouting for areas to catch fish and did see some fish around the coral head but no conch. It’s too rough to go out on the sound with the dinghy; we tried to go out a little way around the edge of the island and was getting too wet which is no fun so turned around. We pulled up the dinghy on a small beach, walked across on a rough path to the east side. It’s beautiful to see the waves crashing In the turquoise waters. This beach was famous we were told for shells and the beans from Africa but we didn’t see any at all. We had a nice walk anyway and rested in the Scout Camp for boys.

After we got back to the boat, we heated up the leftover pork, potatoes and corn dish to finish it off. Feeling lazy, I took a nap. Then with lots of energy, I used stainless steel cleaner and metal wax to clean the pressure cooker and the galley sink. I then made a loaf of Bahamian banana bread with oatmeal. I thought it was done, but turns out I should have let it cook more.

About “6pm we went over to truant for happy hour bringing our own drinks and the banana bread. It was good and we brought back only 1/4 loaf. We also got to know the crew of Quick Sticks from Nova Scotia. After our return we read some books. I don’t know if it’s the book or what but I couldn’t stay awake,–until I checked email and started writing. 🙂

We plan to stay here at this anchorage until Mon or Tues when we go to Nassau. SV Charisma a Pearson 424 will be joining us here at high tide around 830am to get over the thin water spots. They are slightly south of us at Cabbage Cay.

It’s really interesting how the winds are blowing pretty good and for me it’s a touch cool so I wore my SPF shirt, but when you are in the lee walking back on the path, the wind has died and it’s HOT. It has cooled off here this evening in the upper 70’s. Sure glad we have the Dodger this trip!! Gives us another room. The moon is full and brings welcome light as it’s very dark here without the moon. We can see the Batelco cell tower in the distance with it’s red light and a diffuse white light lighting up the sky from the lights at Chub Cay.

Thanks for all your comments!

2 thoughts on “Move to Little Harbour Cay

  1. Morning, Al. Saw the Ellsworths last night – their house for dinner and after that we went to their church to hear the male chorus sing songs of Christmas. I feel pretty sanctified now. Brennan’s for lunch today. Lots of rain around here along with uncommon warm temperatures. obama sputtering as usual – few are listening. Talk to you soon again.


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