First day back on Changes

Wed, November 5, 2014

I arrived in Trinidad yesterday at 9PM, made it through Customs without any problem and was picked up by Mike Corbett at the airport. He then took me to Jean and Mike’s boat SV Tomorrow’s Dawn to stay for the night. This was very much appreciate and very generous of them to do this for me. Once we were all up coffee was made then Jean fixed a nice breakfast for the three of us.

This morning we got an early start and drove over to Peakes Yacht Services to load my bags on board SV Changes. When we pulled up to Changes there was no ladder. Mike and I located some employees and they gave us a ladder. After we loaded up the stuff I brought, Mike left me to get organized and said he would be back around 9AM.

The first order of business was to put up the canvas for the dodger and the go between as the sun is very hot here. By the time I was done with this our helper Uncle Sam showed up. Taking advantage of Sam we got the outboard motor up from down below and on to its place on the stern rail. The mounting screws were very stiff so I sprayed them with Boefeld T 9 and they loosened up. About this time Mike showed up only to say he would be back at 11 AM. Next I got the jib sail out of the V-berth. I did a kick check of the electrical systems and all worked but the refrigeration . Next I put on the 12 cushion covers. This took a while and when I was done Mike came back.

Mike and I loaded the jib sail and 4 jerry jugs in the car and went to first to the sail maker to have new toast Sunbrella UV stripe put on the sail. Kent, the sail guy, checked out the sail and gave the price and a target date of Nov 20 to pick up the sail. Mike then took me to a gas station where we got about 18 gallons of diesel for $20. This is a great deal as on the dock diesel is $5 a gallon. We then went to a grocery store and I got some supplies. Back at Change Mike helped me get everything on board then we settled up (Mike had rented a car and Phil paid for the rental cost and gas) and said good bye but we will meet along the way North. They will be taking their time getting the the USVI and we’ll have to be a little faster if we want to make the Family Island Regatta in Georgetown, Bahamas late April.

The refrigeration problem was a corroded connector in the wire from the temperature controller. I cut out the connector and used butt splices to reconnect. This worked and the refrigerator came back to life. (Lorraine What a relief!) I unpack my bags then took a nap. Enough for one day in hot Trinidad.

We tried out the Magic Jack and was able to tell each other let’s use Facetime Audio which worked much better especially on Phil’s side. We could hear each other very well, but there is a 10-20 sec lag time between asking a question and hearing an answer. I hope to hear from Phil Friday night when I’m with friends tonight. I’m thankful for technology!

Phil said that there wasn’t any mold down below, that he saw a dead cockroach and a live one, so I’m going to order a good killer to bring down. Uncle Sam did a great job polishing the topsides (red part) and polished the deck and gelcoat. We’re so glad that Changes made it so well through the rainy season thanks to Uncle Sam’s efforts.

10 thoughts on “First day back on Changes

  1. Graeme & I wish you a wonderful winter & adventure on return voyage back to the US! Beware of those cockroaches dead or alive in that warm climate; where there is one, there is a colony.


  2. Glad to hear you’ll be back on the water soon with few fix ups! Hot in Trinidad? Lucky you! Making progress on S/V Susana, will be in water by time you pass through here – hopefully:o/


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