Working on the bottom

Friday, Nov 7, 2014

I woke up to a nice cool morning. Temp in low 80s. I was hungry so it was off to Zanzabar the local restaurant here at Peakes. I had eggs over easy and pancakes. The eggs were overdone as usual. It seem not many cooks know how to do over easy. The food was good and filling anyway. I went back Changes and straightened up some then decided to start on changing the prop pitch. The yard had dropped off a set of stands and a plank to use. I set the plank up so I could work on the prop at a good level. I had all my Max prop stuff on the plank within easy reach so I could take the prop apart and put it back together. I disassembled the prop then changed the settings to have a 20 degree angle instead of 22. This will result in higher RPM at a given speed. The hope is to lower the vibration when the engine is running. I then pumped the prop full of grease.

Next project was to start sanding the bottom. First I went to the boat store (Peakes Trading) to got some sand paper. I climbed up on the plank and sanded until I got too hot. I had done about 1/3 of the bottom and decided to quit. I put everything away then took a shower even though It was only noon. Normally showers are taken after the sun goes down and it’s cooler so I don’t get hot and sweaty again.

I got my backpack and walked over to Powerboats. I headed over to Sequel to see if Andy and Sally were aboard. As I stood at Sequel’s bow I heard a “Hi Phil” from the boat next store and it was Anne who said hi from SV Little Wings. So I promised to come visit after I saw Andy and Sally. I knocked on Sequel and Andy popped his head out and invited me aboard. I had a great visit discussing plans for the next season and tips on what to do and see here in Trinidad. They asked about Lorraine so we talked some about Lorraine and Katie.

After a couple of hours I went over to see Joe and Anne on Little Wings. It was great to see them and catch up on all that has happened since we last saw them in St Thomas back in the spring.

It was then off to the market to pick up a few things. Back at Changes I cooked some fried potatoes, a burger and a can of green beans for supper. This is my favorite one pan meal. After I spent some time on the iPad and talked with Lorraine, then went to bed.

Saturday, Nov 8, 2014

Up at 7 and made some coffee. The plan for the day was to test the speed transducer and if ok install it. First I had granola for breakfast with my coffee. After relaxing in the cockpit drinking my coffee I finally got started. For the test I connected the transducer wires to the instrument controller and spun the paddle wheel. Speed was registered so the test went ok. I next mounted the transducer in its hole in the bilge and spent the next hour running the cable to the instrument controller. Afterward, I was hot and decided to rest a spell, but I fell asleep and woke at noon.

Once up I fixed a PBJ sandwich for lunch. I then got out my sander but it was dead. So it will be hand sanding for the bottom. I started on the keel then to the Starboard bottom. It went better than I anticipate and around 3PM I had 80% of the bottom sanded. I quit and took a shower and relaxed, posted and got some supper.


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