Working on the bottom 2


Sunday was a no working on the bottom day, read not getting dirty. When sanding the bottom with 80 grit sand paper the red dust fills the air. A respirator is a must and your arms and clothing get covered with the red dust from the red old bottom paint. I use mechanic gloves so my hands are protected and cleaner than my arms above the gloves. I usually wash my arms in the middle of a sanding session at least once. So Sunday I spent on emptying out the quarter birth and finding places to store stuff. I moved some food and supplies into the L locker under the starboard settee. I also stored things in the quarter birth lockers.

After lunch I walked over to Crews Inn to food shop and play dominos at 1:30. I only bought food that did not need refrigeration. I was early as I didn’t know how long it would take to walk over there. It took 35 minutes. People drifted in and Sally from Sequel showed up so I had a ride in a dingy back to Peaks. At 1:30 play started with 4 tables of 4, 5, or 6 players. I had a good time but did not do very well as I had the second highest score. Sally drove me back to Peaks and I went back to Changes and cooked supper. After I read then hit the sack.

Monday, November 10, 2014

After the cruisers net I got dressed and finished sanding the bottom. Next I mixed up a batch of Interprotect 2000E and coated the bare lead on the keel and some other thin spots. I cleaned up and had lunch. I walked over to Power Boats to make a reservation for a dock. They had space so Changes will be in dock C4 starting on 11/25 for up to 2 weeks. (lorraine. He made this decision because he can’t put the dinghy into the water or the outboard motor on the dinghy by himself) Next I went to the paint store at Power Boaters and bought a gal of Sea Hawk Islands 44 Plus red bottom paint. (Lorraine: This has Tin in it which should help keep the barnacles off and wear off by the time we get to the States.) They gave me a ride back to Changes so I didn’t have to carry the heavy paint. However, I had to walk back to Power Boats to get some groceries. No big deal. So I went to the market and got some food. On the way back I met Anne from Little Wings. We stopped and chatted for a while. For supper I’ll have chicken for a change along with potatoes and green beans.

Back on Changes it was time to work on the blog.

Sorry about not having pictures as I have a technical problem.


Lorraine: the work around for his technical problem is to email them to me. The Facetime Audio is working out well for us. We talk every evening and with The Bad boy antenna booster, Phil is able to use the Internet from the comfort or his boat instead of sitting in the stoop in from the the store next to the Internet cafe. Real convenient for me. I can just try Facetime and most time he answers.

Here are the Photos Phil asked me to post. The top two are the view from the cockpit on Changes The third is the picture of the Interprotect applied to the keel and the last is the scaffolding they provided.





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