More sanding and painting

November 15 Saturday

At the end of the day Friday the yard moved the jack stands so I could paint the bottom where the pads were. Saturday morning I got to work right after the cruisers net at 8 AM on channel 68 on the VHF radio. It didn’t take long to sand and paint the 6 square spots where the pads were. After I cleaned up the work area it started to rain. For the next couple of hours I read about The Civil War. After the rain stopped I went looking for my propane tank. I forgot to mention in Friday’s post that I set out my propane tank to be picked up and filled by Ian, the taxi driver. It wasn’t around so I walked to the Grocery Store at Cruise Inn to get some Coke light and other stuff. It is about 3/4 mile to the store. I loaded up the back pack and walked back. When I climbed aboard there was my propane tank. I could cook again! (And have coffee! Lorraine)

In the evening I went over to G Kennedy McLeod’s boat SV Far Star for a visit. We sat and swopped stories and Kennedy has many as he just finished a 5 1/2 year circumnavigation in his Fast Passage 39. After too much Scotch I went back to Changes and bed.

November 16 Sunday

I rolled out of my bunk after my morning stretching at around 7 AM. Sunday is the day I don’t do much besides playing dominoes at 1:30PM. I spent the early part of the day reading about the civil war. After lunch I walked over to Cruise Inn to play dominoes. I had my best day playing as my score for 10 games was 273. Before the ninth game I got stung by a small wasp. A little black thing. I hurt but the pain went away within an hour. I had picked up some groceries so I put on my back pack and walked back to Changes. For supper, I cooked a burger and warmed up a rice and corn mix that was leftover from Friday. I finished reading my civil war book then went to sleep.

November 17 Monday

I got up as usual but had a slow start to the day. I just didn’t have the go power to do much. But I got some 100 grit sand paper and started to sand the hand rails. After a while it got easier. Once they were sanded, I masked them off. I did this because I wanted varnish to seal the bottom of the hand rail where it meets the fiberglass of the cabin top. I put on two coats before noon. Then it started to rain.


During the rain I searched the internet and had lunch. After the rain late in the afternoon I put on another coat of varnish then got everything cleaned up. Around 5PM I went over to Far Star to see Kennedy. Kennedy invited me abroad and Sam and Steve were there all drinking beer. I joined them as conversation flowed and a grand time was had by all. I stayed much later than Sam and Steve. When I got home to Changes I was hungry but in no mood to cook. So I filled up on snacks then went to sleep.

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