Now the varnish

November 18 Tuesday

Today I started with the teak in the cockpit. But first I took the masking tape off the hand rails. I then took off the binacal, the shelf that holds the GPS and the teak boards that hold the winch handle holders. I hand sanded the parts first the shelf. It would have been easier if my sander still worked but the salt air or water got to it and now it’s dead. Once the shelf was sanded I put it on the bottom of the turned over dingy and varnished one side. Next the two teak boards were sanded. I set them on two sticks on the dingy bottom and coated the exposed side with varnish. Now that the SS tubes were exposed I cleaned off the rust stains with SS cleaner.


I quit for the day and got on my back pack and went over to Power Boats food store for some provisions. Once back I read my current book THE CIVIL WAR. I got hungry and cooked two very small chicken breasts with my favorite fried potatoes and canned green beans. It was delicious! Then more reading and lights out.

November 19 Wednesday

After my morning coffee was made I turned on the SSB at 8137 and listened to Chris Parker give the weather. This is the first day I could hear him. I have been thinking that with Changes out of the water there is no ground for the antenna causing bad reception. We’ll have to see if things are better once Changes is in the water.

First thing after coffee was to put varnish on the teak parts hoping they would be ready after lunch. The next project was to put the main sail on with all the battens. Also when I put the main sail on I put in the first reef. We always sail with a reef. It makes it easier for Lorraine and I to handle the boat. I then put the sail cover on.


After lunch I put all the teak parts back on the bunacal. Then I put all the lines back on the lifelines and binacal.


Around 4, I took a shower and got ready to go to the Wheel House for sword fish night with Kennedy. We walked over and got there at 6 PM. Kennedy had some friends he met there, so we all sat together with two tables pushed together. We sat next to a couple that had a Leopard 47 cat. Kennedy wanted to hear about there new boat so we got updated on all their problems which were many.

After I got back to Changes I called Lorraine. We talked for 46 minutes on FaceTime audio. We talk every day. Then I finished this blog post.


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