A small project day

November 20 Thursday

I got up before 7a, did my stretches and listened to Chris Parker’s weather. There was a loud interfering signal but I could hear most of the forecast. Next coffee and the morning paper. In my case the New York Times on line. The first thing was to put the bedding on the v birth mattress. This is usually Lorraine’s job as she does MUCH better. But I got it done even if it isn’t as tidy as Lorraine could do.


Today is the day the jib sail should have the new UV strip done. Before I walked over to the US loft I decided to call them to see if is ready. I had no phone so I walked over to Power Boats and rented one for $1 a day. I called and the sail will be done but late so I will go over tomorrow morning. I then went to the grocery store at Power Boats to pick up a few things.
I then went to Budget Marine to got some SS hardware for the fix the Life Sling project. The problem was the mounting straps were gone or broken. Back at Changes I took off the broken strap then drilled holes for 10-32 screws. I had some strapping and forcing a hole with a pencil I could use screws and fender washers to mount new straps on the back of the Life Sling. Once all the new straps I mounted the Life Sling on the starboard rail.


I had noticed the port upper shroud didn’t have any cotter pins. Also all the rigging tape was gone. I checked out the rigging screw and it was not screwed in far enough to put the cotter pins in. How did this happen? The other three shrouds all had cotter pins. Thinking the port upper was loose I tried to tighten it. No go! We’ll I ended up changing all the shroud adjustments and retuning the rig. It is kind of scary that we traveled almost 5000 miles with this situation. Although it is not easy to turn the rigging screws so the may not have moved. But what was I doing that left it like this? It’s a mystery.

The weather has been bad all day with little showers on and off all day. The times between rain events were short so the deck never was dry. For the nine sailors, if aim had walked in it, the deck would have gotten dirty. This slowed down the rig project. So I didn’t get done until after 4.
For supper fried potatoes, peas, and a burger.


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