Picking up the jib

November 22 Friday

Last night was the first night sleeping in the V-berth and after I got up I felt ok. I had been worried that my back would hurt worse but it didn’t.  I went through the usual routine of stretching, coffee, and Chris Parker’s weather. I had some ambition so I tackled the sail locker. First I took everything out, then reorganized how it went back. One tub with engine parts went into the quarter berth. Once everything was tided up, it was time to walk to the US Sail Loft. They had the Jib sail with the new UV stripe ready and after they swiped my credit card, they drove the sail and I back to Changes. Once there the sailmaker carried the sail up the ladder. I put it on deck as it was too windy to put it up on the fuerler. I will wait for NO wind to put up the jib as Changes is on 8 jack stands and I don’t want to take any chances.
After lunch Jonathan who fixed the outboard called and asked me to come over to his shop to see my outboard run. It is about a 10 minute walk so in no time I was there. What he wanted to show me was how easy it is to start the engine. Just a half pull on the starter cord and she starts right up and runs great. Jonathan changed the lube oil, the spark plugs and the fuel filter. I got another ride back to Changes with my Evinrude 8 hp outboard and he helped me put it on the engine mount on the stern.


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