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November 27 Thursday

Up early as usual but discombobulated as being Thanksgiving there was no weather from Chris Parker. Next thing as I was getting ready to paint the dingy bottom, I missed the local net on VHF Chanel 68. So if anything special was planned for today I missed it. Oh well!
Since it is not a Holiday in Trinidad and everything is open I went to the chandlery and got a 2″ wide brush for the dingy paint job. I first masked the waterline and wiped down the dingy bottom with solvent. I then got out the roller and pan and rolled on the Sea Hawk Islands 44 paint. The whole project took less than an hour.

After breakfast I looked at the stern light as it didn’t work last night when I tested it. Taking off the cover I found the bulb contacts very slightly corroded. I coated the contacts with Burndy Penetrox A electrical joint compound and that fixed the problem.
Finally I turned on the electric build pump and NO water was pumped out. Great one more problem solved.

Around 4PM Libby from the boat next store invited me to a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner. This was great as I hadn’t heard of what was going on. It was held at a small shelter down the dock. Margaret and Peter along with Libby and David were the organizers and we had 10 people and enough food and drinks and deserts to satisfy all. It was a fun time and I had a good time talking to David and Peter.


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