Hurrah Lorraine is home

In preparation for Lorraine arriving today I cleaned a little and filled the water tank and sun showers. At 7p Ian the taxi driver knocked on the boat and introduced me to Diane. She drove me to the airport so we could pick up Lorraine. We got there at 8 PM and Lorraine came out […]

Fixing the bilge pump

November 29 Friday This morning when I turned on the SSB there was too much loud interference so I turned it off. Next I checked for internet service as yesterday afternoon it stopped working. It was still off. With no internet I couldn’t laze around drinking coffee and reading the paper so I had to […]

More projects

November 27 Thursday Up early as usual but discombobulated as being Thanksgiving there was no weather from Chris Parker. Next thing as I was getting ready to paint the dingy bottom, I missed the local net on VHF Chanel 68. So if anything special was planned for today I missed it. Oh well! Since it […]