Settling in

November 26 Wednesday

I had a restful night now that Changes is in the water. The C dock is well protected but the boats still roll around on passing wakes. Basically the boat is never still but it way better than the anchorage. Once the coffee was made I pumped the bilge and noticed that it ran a long time before it cleared the water from the bilge. So being curious I got a flash light and peered into the bilge. I detected a slow trickle of water moving stern to bow. Using paper towels to dry each section I traced the source of the water to the rear most keel bolt which is about a 1/2 inch bolt, all the other keel bolts are 1 inch. Using a 19 mm open end wrench I tried to tighten this nut and to my surprise it was loose. So using all my strength I tightened it down. Now I observed that the water was not flowing any more. The final test is tomorrow when I turn on the bilge pump.

I next walked over to Peakes to turn in my shower key and gate card and get back my $40 deposit. I then walked to Budget Marine to get a roller pan and cover. I also picked up a gallon of diesel motor oil. You can never have too much as sometimes it can be hard to find. Even though I have 90 engine hours to my next oil change it good to be prepared.

Around lunch I tried to think of something to eat and then developed a craving for a fried egg sandwich. So having no eggs it was off to the store. Once there in addition to the 6 eggs purchased, I stocked up on other supplies. Back at Changes I cooked up my fried eggs and had a very good lunch. Supper was fried chicken and rice with green beans.


One thought on “Settling in

  1. Speaking of eating eggs, it reminded me of the guy I met at a fancy restaurant. The waitress said that their special was sauteed chicken tongues. He replied, “Ugh, Chicken tongues! I would never eat anything that came out of a chicken’s mouth! I’d rather have scrambled eggs!”


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