New Years Eve And Day

Happy New Years Eve
Wednesday, January 31

We woke and listened to Chris Parker weather which continue to say that the Christmas winds will continue until mid next week and lazed around until 1030am when we decided to go into town. We walked around until it was 12 noon when we realized too late, that it was siesta time and everything except a few restaurants were closed. We walked by the post office /Bank which was open only 0800-1200 on Wednesday and the Snack BouBou was closed today and tomorrow, which meant I had no place to Exchange USD for euros so back to the boat we went.

I made the salad for tonight then worked on knitting Rachel’s sweater while Phil took a nap. We had sun showers and then got ready for the main event of the day: going to Vision Quest along with Bob and Jeanne for heavy appetizers which included crab cakes, salmon on sliced baguettes and my contribution of black bean, corn and tomato salad.


After eating, we went down below and played a game of Mexican Dominoes. Rick and Peggy have been very gracious offering their boat when all 6 of us get together as between the 6 of us, they have the biggest salon table to fit all of us around. Bob won and I came in 2nd after which we polished off two bottles of Champagne. Everyone was feeling no pain as we shared a bottle of white and 1.5l bottle of red wine. We didn’t expect it to be as late an evening as it was when we started, but there you go. The game took as long as it did. We arrived back at Changes 10 min before midnight and welcomed the New Years in and watched the fireworks show off of Club Med beach. I felt sad as everyone else had a good year and mine had some very bad parts to it. Hopefully next year will be better. Sniff sniff.

New Years Day
Thursday, January 1, 2015

Chris Parker is off today, so we listened to George on LSB 7250 which is Ham station. We have found that we can not call out on any frequency on our ham/SSB a radio. Columbia has Gale warnings expecting winds 35kts+ and seas 11-16-20ft seas for the next 48 hours. Thankfully that’s not going to be where we are!! Actually I hear Columbia is a great place to cruise but it’s also very windy normally and not a place that would be comfortable on Changes. You need a heavy 42’+ boat for that.

We had rain on and off so closed and open the Forehatch as necessary. I downloaded photos from SD and thumb drives from a Walkabout and Vision Quest then went to Vision Quest to pick up my iPad which I had left there from last night and then went to Walkabout to drop off the SD drive. We enjoyed the welcome aboard and chatted for about an hour.

Back on Changes, we used the Internet that we get from Pallie Coco restaurant which is almost nonexistent in the morning and better in the afternoon and evening. Phil napped and I did some knitting. 345pm it rained hard and the wind picked up.

Tonight I made pork chops, potatoes, cabbage and carrots together in then pressure cooker which turned out really good. The pork was very tender.

I had downloaded some books from the Internet, so decided to read this evening. I had twisted the stitches when joining in the round last time I knitted, so had to frog as the knitters say (rip it, rip it– get it?) 3 1/2″ back to the join.

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