The trip to Le Marin

December 30 Tuesday
St. Anne, Martinique

We had arranged with Rick from Vision Quest that we would follow him in to the marina at Le Marin for us to get water, gas, diesel, and food. This was the second longest difficult dinghy trip we have taken at 2.25+ miles. Our longest one was in Rhode Island at Nappatree Beach and there we came close to sinking from the waves breaking over and into the dinghy. We had oatmeal for breakfast and at 9AM got in the dinghy and went over to Vision Quest to follow their dinghy. We went upwind into a stiff breeze with Lorraine holding up a shower curtain to keep dry. On the way the waves got up to almost 2 footers and we went slow to get over them. As we got closer the waves got smaller. Along the way, we saw the 40′ sailboat that had washed up on the reef and sunk. There was two skiffs with a dive flag next to this boat.


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4d8/46295089/files/2015/01/img_4467.jpg It was a long ride and Rick and Peggy guided us into the marina. At the Bichirs Services Martinique Marina we got 10 gallons of water for 0.51€, 15 liters of gasoline and 38 liters of diesel. Once loaded up we went a short distance to the grocery dinghy dock where we locked up the dinghy, motor and Jerry jugs. We took a cart and went food shopping. All 4 wheels turned 360degrees, so we both had to hold the cart, Lorraine forward to get it to the door, as the walkway sloped away from the dinghy dock and so did the front of the cart. This store had very good prices especially on French wine. Lorraine bought 3 bottles of white wine for about 20€ ($23.88 USD). We loaded up the cart and pushed it to the dinghy dock. We loaded the dinghy carefully to have her set in the water just right for the long trip back with 150+ pounds of cargo. We started back now going mostly down wind which for non sailors, is much easier. Again as we came around the point, the waves built to near 2 foot. I had no trouble keeping the dinghy going as we were faster than the waves. Once around the point off Club Med, it was smooth motoring to Changes. We unloaded the dinghy by the boarding gate on port then put her at her normal spot on the starboard side of Changes.

The hard bimini had a section of rot and de lamination on the starboard front edge where it’s screwed into the tubing. I had removed the paint and epoxy to let it dry out earlier so it was now ready to be sanded. After it was sanded, I mixed a batch of West epoxy and liberally coated the area. This binimi is made of interior luan plywood but should be B C exterior 1/4 inch, the same as the dingy. It would have held up better.




The next day I cut out a 23 x 6 inch piece of fiberglass cloth and covered the rot and de lamination area and wet it down with more West epoxy.


After we got back I defrosted the freezer/refrigerator. The ice had really built up. I should defrost it when there is more than 1/4″ of ice on the plates to keep it running at peak efficiency. The blue is lint from a hand towel I fold and lay on top of the freezer to keep the cold in there more and keep things frozen better. It sticks to the ice. After it was defrosted, which takes about 15 mi as I use the Caframo fan pointed down into the refrigerator, Phil screwed in the temperature controller. It had been held in place with double sided sticky tape, and this is the first trip that I’ve had any problems with it getting loose. Now it’s fixed permanently.



For supper I made Parmesan pasta sauce mix, added the cooked Mahi Mahi warmed up in it and heated the left over pumpkin.

I was knitting Rachel’s sweater and realized as I was getting ready to do the next step, that I twisted the rounds so It was like a möbius. That’s not going to work so I ripped it out. Phil was busy on his iPad and then started writing this post.


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