Jolly Harbor, Antigua to Charleston, Nevis

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Miles Traveled – 47.1 NM

We have been in Jolly Harbor, Antigua for a couple days, but we have our weather window and it’s time now to leave this beautiful place and sail to Nevis. We released our mooring ball @ 631am with Walkabout bringing up our rear as we exit the anchorage. We have light winds from 3-10 kts AW most of the way so was motor sailing until the wind was 8-11kts over the boatand we could let out the full jib and turn off the motor It was hard to keep the jib full of air until Phil ut on the Barberhaul. We sailed along from 4.3 to 5.6 kits. Walkabout, being a heavier boat continued motorsailing and passed us up taking photos of us under sail. As we rounded the west side of Nevis, we turned on the engine and removed the barberhaul. 30 min later we took down the Main Sail and picked up mooring ball #51. We had 10 kts of wind from 080 degrees and it was a little bouncy but not rolly.

Bob was kind enough to take Phil with him into Customs and Immigration letting us take the dinghy off the foredeck tomorrow morning. Here you HAVE to pick up a mooring Ball and we couldn’t find any yellow mooring balls by the ferry dock, so just picked up a white one before going to Customs which is on the 2nd floor of the Cotton Ginnery Building. It was a $166EC ($67 USD) to check in, but this includes the mooring ball for a week. This country has a lot of fees for garbage, environmental, Port fees, so much per person to enter the country. It also has the worse dock for dinghies, so make sure you have a stern anchor to keep you dinghy off the commercial dock!! I had started a loaf of bread to rise in the refrigerator this morning before we left, so while Phil was gone I took it out to finish rising so I could bake it for supper. I made chicken and rice soup yesterday and have a lot left over, so invited Bob and Jeanne over for supper. They arrived on time and brought cheese and crackers for appetizers. The soup was good and even though the bread wasn’t ready for supper, I still cooked it and we had it warm after supper. Nothing like home made bread and good butter! We had a good time relaxing the evening. We found free WiFi which made us happy. Hopefully I’ll be able to download the software to restore my iPad. I am really dead in the water so to speak without my iPad. Since I don’t have anything to read, I got out some summer sox yarn and my physical toe up book and will start knitting myself a new pair of socks, which will come in handy once I am home this fall.

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