Culebra to Viaques The Passage

Saturday March 7

Distance Traveled 24.7 NM

We raised the main sail then pulled the anchor and by 6:45 AM we were on our way.  We motor sailed out of the bay and turned south to head for the east end of Viaques.  We were reaching with a reefed main and reefed jib. so reefed we had a handkerchief out.  The wind was 18 to 22 with 6 to 8 foot waves on the beam with a swell from the NE.  This made for a rough ride on the 9 miles to the east end of Viaques where we would turn west and head down wind. About half way there Lorraine got sea sick and she threw up, then went below even though she had taken a Marazine before we left.  Around 8:45AM we turned downwind and rolled up the jib and Lorraine came up topsides.  We sailed downwind with the main held down with the preventer in 6 foot swells.  By 11:05AM the wind died and we put the engine on.  We motor sailed the rest of the way and at 11:26AM we anchored off the town of Ensenada on Viaques.  The first part of this short 24.7 mile trip was the roughest we have had since we started north from Trinidad.    Phil

When we first anchored, the harbormaster came out and said that we were anchoring in 2 ft of sea grass covered with sand and suggested that we move closer to land where there was patches of good sand to anchor in.  We did, but this also meant that we in the area that was rolly too!!  not great.  Since we have the dinghies on deck, neither Walkabout or us put the dinghy in the water.  i made beans creole style for supper and added some of the pearl couscous mix from Trader’s Joe.  Phil didn’t like this as much as when I make it without so won’t do that again.  We don’t have WiFI here that we can get, so read this evening.

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