Guanica to La Parguera

Sunday March 15. Distance traveled 13.2 NM

We got going early and rowed the dingy over the the mangroves and a creek Bob told us about.  The entrance was narrow with mangrove roots hanging down for us to posh through.  Once past the entrance we managed to keep going by using the ors as paddles.  This worked but was not real efficient and Lorraine and I were not very good at this.  Goin up this creek was like going in a tunnel as the trees are over the water blocking out the sky.  The main attraction is the falling iguanas.  They are up in the trees that hang over the water an as we went up the creek they would jump into the water with a big splash.  We took several pictures then went back to Changes.

At 8.03 we put up the main, started the engine and got the anchor up.  Getting the anchor up took some time as it was stuck.  At 8:15 the anchor came up and we motored out of Baiha Noroeste and Baiha Guanica.  We were motorsailing on a reach until we rounded a headland and turned downwind along some barrier reefs.  At 9:20 we rounded one reef and were in flatter water.  At 10AM we turned into the wind and took down the main sail.  We then motored through the marked channel to Parguera.  It is shallow with mangrove islands every where.  We motored around and poked into a breal between islands the seeing only small sailboats turned around.  We motored to the west and tried another break between islands and tried to go for a spot.  Eddie a guy in a skif came by and told us it was too shallow.  I turned Changes but ran aground.  I backed off easily and at Eddies suggestion took a mooring.  So at 11:57AM we were moored.  We thanked Eddie and spoke for several minutes then he was gone.

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