Passage Salinas to Guanica

Saturday March 14. Distance traveled 39.3 NM

We listened to Chris Parker’s weather before we got going.  We put up the main as a better downwind sail, started the engine and pulled the anchor at 6:52AM and decided to tow the dinghy.   By 7:09 we were motor sailing along the south coast of Puerto Rico on a course of 244 degrees true.  The wind was light to start but by 8:45 it was 14 kts and we turned off the engine and started to sail.  The wind and seas kept building and by 11:24AM it was blowing 19-21 apparent.   We were rolling but with the main up it was quite comfortable.  At 12:45PM we reached the entrance channel to Bahia De Guanica and turned in. As it was quite windy and wavy, I started to hand stear going into the bay.  Once inside we started the engine turned into the wind, put on the autopilot, and took down the main.  This was a struggle as the wind was 25+ over the boat.  We then motored into Bahia Noroeste and dropped the anchor in 10 feet.  There were a lot of white  caps in the Bay but we found a little protection so was out of the worse of them.   We stayed on the boat and plan to go to the river that has the inguanas “raining from the sky” tomorrow morning when hopefully it is calmer.  Typically the winds decrease dramatically at night and very early morning.

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