Errands in Salinas, PR

Monday, March 9

We have been having problems with our steaming and mast light, so Bob from Walkabout came early (720am) while the winds were calm to winch Phil up the mast.  Phil ws able to get the steaming spreader light working, but determined that there is no current at the top of the mast for the mast light.  Bummer!!  Good thing is there isn’t corrison on the mast light bulb.  He also recovered the fitting for the topping lift and brought it down.

Changes from top of Mast - Bob's Dinghy on port side.

Changes from top of Mast – Bob’s Dinghy on port side.

Anchorage in Salinas from top of Changes.

Anchorage in Salinas from top of Changes.

View of Marina in Salinas from top of Mast.

View of Marina in Salinas from top of Mast.

1030am after a light rain, we came into shore for some errands.  Phil took the propane tank to be filled and went to the hardware store.  I stayed for internet access at the Marina Snack bar.  This being the US, I tried my cell phone.  It is disconnected, but I am able to buy a PIN – $15 for 120 min which lets me call the US and Canada.  This done I called Verison Wireless and spent at least 45 min talking to them.  We could not agree on the charges.  They think I’m still to pay $165 and I think that I don’t since the phones were on suspend, so we ended up with them mailing the last 4 statements to our Green Cove Springs address so I can examine the new adjusted bills to see what they did.  Part of the problem is that when we suspended the phones, Phil was suspended only for 43 days and mine for 72 days.  What a pain!!

We went with Bob and Jeanne on Walkabout to El Dorado Restaurant and less than 1 mile walk around the bay.  We can pick up the wifi from El Dorado Restaurant on our boat, but found out once there that it’s not working.  Phil and I shared a whole 1.25# red snapper meal and I added a green salad.  230pm  we were back at the Marina and used the internet until 4pm.

This evening, we had chicken soup on Walkabout for supper.  I brought some of my home made bread I made yesterday after our arrival. Boy was the soup good!  We played dominoes afterwards and had a nice evening.

2 thoughts on “Errands in Salinas, PR

  1. I have been following your travels & met Bob & Jeanne on their very 1st cruising trip to the Bahamas. So I know you had to change course into Samana & put out a message to Walkabout via Chris & Active Captain, but how did you reconnect? Say hi to Bob & Jeanne!

    Safe travels! Ciao! Laura Sent from my iPad


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    • We reconnected when we were Grenada on our way south and kept in touch with them to reconnect again in St. Anne, Martinique. We have been together most of time since then. Still haven’t heard from them by email yet today, so I’m still worried about them, but expect they are tired and not going into town for internet until tomorrow.


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