We Made it Home

Hi everyone! As you can see I haven’t been posting. Sorry but just not up to it. We visited friends in Long Island Sound, then went up the Hudson River and into the Erie Canal spending a weekend in Fairport, NY to visit my brother and his family. Then we went the rest of the way having our mast raised at Rich Marine just north of the Black Rock Canal lock. They were kind enough to let us tie up to the wall that night so next morning we left for the 8am lock through. We bought fuel then started our 24hour passage down Lake Erie to arrive the next morning, August 7′ 2015 at our home in Grand River Yacht Club. Thanks to our slip mates for catching our dock lines as the water was REALLY high the dock was in the low position, which would have been hard to jump off onto.

So now I am working at Hospice of the Western Reserve full time taking care of patients in their home. I’m so thankful that I have a work home to come back to and a great Team Leader aka boss. I like my team and the territory we cover.

We are now house sitting/renting a furnished home which had made the transition into our land home as east as possible. We’ll be here into May 2016 giving us time to decide what we want to do. If we haven’t decided, then we can live on Changes for the summer. We do love this house!! It is an adjustment not being able to talk amd hear each other easily. We’re use to being 5 feet away and now we are rooms apart sometimes. We are often saying “where are you? And “I can’t hear you” but as in all things, we’ll adjust.

Phil has been doing a lot of work on Changes who is now out of the water in her cradle. His latest project is repairing the scratches from the Rock Hall MD thunderstorm. He’s going to put on a new prop shaft and a new prop and a multiple other repairs that are needed after two years in salt water.

It’s fall now and I have been enjoy the cooler weather. We had a 10-day run of beautiful mid 70’s weather which has mostly ended. Now I enjoy the smells of fall and the making of Concord Grape Jam and other pleasures found here.

Phil hasn’t had enough cruising, so feel free to contact him if you need crew later in the winter.

To end this, I need to tell you the story of my lost camera. In Buffalo, I was taking a video of raising the mast and put down my camera. After we had left, I look for it and couldn’t find it. I was hoping that when we emptied the boat, it would show up. But it didn’t. Keep in mind that we sailed for 24 hours, and had a few day sails once home. Then one day when Phil was checking out the solar panels, what did he see but the camera hanging from it’s strap on a raised screw. He sent me a text saying get a lottery ticket because it’s my lucky day. When I came hime from work, he gave my camera still working. It’s waterproof so the rains we had didn’t hurt it. I must have put it on top of the Bimini while doing something and forgot. Then we think it slid to the other side and caught on the screw and stayed there until Phil discovered it. I thought it had fallen into the Lake. I like to think that my daughter, Katie, was stretching our her hand from heaven and hanging onto it for me knowing how important it was to have my trip photos. We love you Katie and thanks!!!

2 thoughts on “We Made it Home

  1. Lorraine, this last post was the best! Funny, you’re adjustment to living more than 5 feet apart! And your sense of your angel in heaven, watching out for you, is precious. Glad you and Phil made it home safely. Hope to see you on the high seas, soon!

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