We bought a house and are living the “off to work” lifestyle.  We love Changes but it is time to move on to our next adventure.  Be sure to read Lorraine’s post attached after the photos.  For more info call me at 440 231 0089.

I bought SV Changes new in 1979 and she has been well maintained to a high-level with extensive equipment updated for both racing and cruising. The C&C 34 has been a very capable boat for both racing and cruising. She has a full complement of racing equipment, sails, and hardware which includes two spinnakers, a racing main sail, 155%, 130%, and 75% jibs, a 42″ racing wheel, Garhauer jib sheet cars, Harken traveler, a spinnaker pole, a Garmin 545 GPS, baby stay, hydraulic back stay, Harken roller furling, Nexus instruments, oversize winches and much more.
For cruising she has a cruising main sail, a cruising spinnaker, a hard dodger and Bimini with side panels to keep you dry in the rain, an electric anchor windlass new in 2015, 35# delta plow anchor with 120 feet of 1/4″ high strength chain and 200 feet of 9/16 inch rode plus other anchors, two 140 watt solar panels with a Blue Sky controller. Refrigerator/freezer, 460 amp hour battery bank, ProSport12 dual bank battery charger new 2016, three burner Force 10 propane stove with oven and broiler, two 10 pound aluminum propane tanks, custom V-berth mattress with Froli springs, VHS radio with AIS receiver, Ray Marine 6000 below deck auto pilot, prop shaft and reconditioned prop new 2016, bottom paint 2017, standing rigging new 2010.

What makes life easier on Changes

Thursday, September 26

MonkeyFist has a topic about what makes things easier to live on a boat. We went down to the Bahamas the winter of 2010-2011 with only a canvas Bimini to protect us. Phil had updated the boat, but we learned so much and have made even more upgrades that I wanted to share makes living on Changes much easier this time.

Phil made a hard dodger and Bimini and we made the “windshield” with a smile zipper. This has really improved our comfort while cruising. With the go-between, we are warmer, dryer as the wave hits the windows and not us. It’s amazing how much wind is kept off us when on passages and when we are relaxing in the cockpit. We have also been able to collect water that runs off the track connecting the go-between to the back of the dodger.

20130926-222659.jpgWith the side panel of window materials, our cockpit is like a second room for is, which is important when living on a 34′ sailboat.

Phil has also made a new table for our salon with removable fiddle, so when playing cards or just eating supper, we don’t have the pressure from the edge of the fiddle on our arms.


We covered the cushions in the salon, and using new high density foam has a made a world of difference in comfort sitting and sleeping on the settee during passages. I also bought a back support cushion and it’s help a lot in preventing upper back pain when sitting.


We have a new VHF radio with a AIS receiver so knowing when the big ships are going has taken out the guess-work of determining if we need to take evasive action to be out of their way.


In the galley, I have bought a Pampered Chef baking stone cookie sheet which I have in the oven. Last trip I would open the door to the oven and all the heat would come out. Now with my baking stone, my oven stays an even temperature. I put my pans directly on the stone. My biscuits and brownies came out perfect! Don’t mind the stone getting darker, it’s part of its character and expected.


Having enough electricity on a boat is always an issue as well as being able to see at might. Once you are further south, the sunsets close to 530-6pm so there is a lot of time spent when it’s dark. I know that there are many cruisers that have only one light on at night to save electricity, but I can’t do that and with our two new 140 watt solar panels and our LED lighting, I don’t have to. Our latest edition to our LED lighting is LED reading lights. We each have one so now when I’m knitting a darker yarn or reading, I don’t have to put on a flashlight head lamp to see. We even have FEWER light on. On a cloud free day, we have surplus electricity so I can run the inverter during the day to charge some batteries and the batteries are STILL topped off. We continue to not have the inverter running once the sun has set. Now we don’t have to run the engine for 1-2 hours every day to top off the batteries and we don’t need a generator we don’t have room on the boat for. I know those who don’t live on a boat don’t even think about electricity but we think about it all the time.


I have to say that I love our Caframo 12V hard-wired in fans. We have had it up to 100 degrees F on the boat, while that is too hot, 84 F is comfortable with the fans running. We have 6: one for each of us on the bulkhead over our heads in the V-berth, one for each in the salon, one for the Quarterberth that can be rotated to keep the cook cool and the last for the Galley. We have found that the fan in the galley when turned down towards the refrigerator helps to defrost the freezer in about 15 min. Phil’s fan when pointed towards the companionway hatch and is on high pushes the heat from the stove out of the boat. A real bonus when someone cooks as much as I do! In the V-Berth, I’m in the lee of the breeze from the forward hatch, so beIng able to reach up and turn on the fan has helped me to be able to sleep better even if it’s in the 80’s on the hot summer nights.


We bought iPads that have wi-fi and Verizon cellular data for use on the boat and we love them!! We use iNavX for charting. If you aren’t on watch and wonder where you are, just check the chart on the iPad. Wonder how much distance it is to somewhere? Put in some waypoints and add a route! Need to see the broader picture beside what’s on the GPS? Look at the charts on the iPad. We also use it for weather, downloading books, blogging, taking pictures, keeping in touch with family with FaceTime, Skype or email. What to know where to go? Easy use a map app. Where is the closest grocery store or laundry and how to get there – Apple maps. Need to sign forms and return them? Yup there is an app for that. I also use mine for knitting and reading and playing puzzles, keeping track of budget and mileage while traveling. Phil keeps track of his stocks, pays bills and plays Solitaire. This time we’ve found that there are less WiFi hotspots available. Even though we have the BadBoy wifi antenna booster we haven’t found as many wifi signals to use so having the cellular data has been crucial. I just wished that I had gotten the 64 GB model and recommend if you are planning on buying one to pay the extra $200 for the 64 GB model. Later you will be glad you did.


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