The cover is OFF!

March 15, 2013

TodaS/V Changes Cover Offy in  15  knot  winds from the West in 34F weather, Phil took off the cover.  I would like to say that WE took off the cover, but nice guy that he is, I stayed in the car with the engine on and heater running not coming out until it was time to fold up the tarp and measure for our insulating pads project.   We tried to fold the tarp, but the wind being what it was, we rolled it up as best we could to be folded neatly another day.


I don’t know about you, but I have a fear of heights, so climbing up a ladder is not my favorite activity.  Usually Phil has to climb up the ladder first and hold the ladder and reverse the procedure for going down.   and started measuring the toe rail and the lockers in the galley and above the settee as our latest boat project for Lorraine, is to sew the insulating pads to protect the refrigerator and the upper lockers from the heat of the sun – which is much considering that our hull is red.

I have been getting so excited for leaving on our trip in July.  I have been reading blogs, researching and working on our lists for getting ready.  Lists of what to buy, projects to do and things that need to get done.  As you cross items off, the list seems to get even longer as they tend to do.    I met Annette Baker, author of The SeamlessSailor Blog – via email of course, so look forward to meeting her and her husband once we are in the Chesapeake Bay.  I’ve also been at The Boat Galley Blog which has also been a great site for advice on what to buy and provisioning.  One tip is a wide mouth thermos to cook rice and beans inside the thermos.  Who would have thought, but I hope it works well as they take a lot of cooking time which adds heat inside the boat cooking on the stove top.Lorraine

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