We are living on the Boat

Memorial Day Weekend we moved onto Changes and started sleeping on her Sunday.  The entire 3-day weekend we packed and move items onto Changes that we thought we would need, and moved as much as we could into storage.  Thursday was the big move the heavy furniture day and a BIG Thank You to Andrew and Mark from our yacht club for helping Phil.  We cleaned the apartment Friday and Saturday and have given up the keys!  

So when I ask Phil how we are adjusting to being on the boat, he slowly says “fine”‘ how am I doing?  I’m not sleeping as well, and typical for Phil, he is sleeping better. I miss my recliner, but that’s the way things go.   He is tired of getting ready for the trip though, as we are having problems with the fuel pump for our outboard motor so he’s taking it in to have it fixed.  Every day there is something for him to do.   But back to adjusting.  I really like our new Caframo fans!!! It’s wonderful to have a breeze in the V-berth when you’re in the lee from the head.   It’s been cold, but with the heater and quilts, we are warm enough. The solar panels are working good.  Phil woke this morning and the charger wasn’t even on.   It’s nice visiting with other lives aboards down at the club and work is going well for now.  Our boats is cluttered (hear the understatement?), but I do have intentions to weed out items that we won’t need for cruising that I currently need for working.  And Phil can’t find the stamps!

Phil has been taking trips to various storage units to drop off items that go into storage, and I need to go out to Kay’s to log into our spreadsheet what is going where.  We are trying to be much better this time in logging what is being put where.  Foolishly last time, we thought that we would remember.  Now we know better.  We looking forward to having co-workers come visit Sunday and last visits with family and friends before we leave.

13 thoughts on “We are living on the Boat

  1. Congratulations on moving aboard..That means you’re getting ready to start your adventure. Hope to see you…this time we’ll steam a bushel of crabs!
    BTW where are the pics of your quilt? Did i miss a link or something.


  2. I really hope you two will have a fantastic and a memorable trip. Stay safe and of course warm and dry and well nourished. Hope you bring some Southern Comfort along!


    • Thanks! I haven’t had Southern Comfort in a long time. My drink of choice in the Bahamas is Nassau Royale Liquour and of course Rum drinks mon. 🙂 The rum is cheaper than the mixer. Thanks for Following,


  3. things will start to come together more as time goes on and it is just the readjusting that sounds like the hardest part of moving back on the boat but I think once you get out on the water you will sleep just fine you and Phil have a safe fantastic sailing this year


  4. Phil, you do the the most exciting things that others only dream about. I am sure glad that I have known you. Good luck you two and safe sailing.


    • D,
      Thanks for the idea. I don’t have problems going to sleep, it’s staying asleep and not waking up to readjust my body. I’ll get use to it soon. Maybe it’s been all the lifting from the move.


  5. That is so exciting! It is tough to get going again, I am starting that process in the RV this month, we have lived it in for the last 2 years just sitting in the Seattle area and it’s amazing how fast you collect stuff without even knowing you are doing it! We are going to go thru a re-hab of the interior in July, so really excited about then and then we hit the road and BOTH of us will be retired!! woo hoo! Can’t wait to read about your next adventures on the boat 🙂


  6. Mom, you are post menopause and Phil is retirement age. Neither of you will ever have a good memory again. *grin* I could have told you to make a record the first time. That said, glad you’re doing it this time, and glad adjustment’s started before you head out. I’m sure you’ll settle in nicely in a week or two. 🙂


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