Tomorrow Changes goes in the water

November 24 Monday

I got out of bed at 6:30 AM , did my exercises, made coffee and tried to listen to Chris Parker’s weather. I could hear him on the SSB at 8.137 MHz but he was so light that I didn’t get most of his forecast. It was laundry day so I gathered up the dirty clothes and towels and went off to the Peakes laundry room. They have two triple loader washers and dryers. The dryers had a out of order sign. Thinking one of the two dryers was out of commission I loaded one washer with my stuff. When the washer finished, I learned that the coin acceptor was the problem. So I waited and the Peake manager eventually fixed the problem. As part of his effort my clothes were dried and folded when I was on Changes eating breakfast.

After lunch I walked over to the Power Boats office to check on my slip assignment. I was to go in to slip C4 but that was changed to C9. So tomorrow afternoon after Changes is to be launched at around 2p, I will motor over and go in to slip C9 with the help of the Power Boat dock boys.


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