Up with the jib

November 22 Saturday

I got up a little early and got my stretching in before the weather. When Chris Parker came on the radio I could hear him especially good but it was short lived as the signal soon got all garbled. I drank my coffee and started to read the paper. But there was no wind so I got up and sorted out the jib and hoisted it. I then rolled it up before the wind came up. It looks good with its new toast Sunbrella UV strip.


After, I got ready to walk over to the Massy store at Cruise Inn. On my way over there I saw a German guy and his black girlfriend waiting for the bus. I walked over and asked if the bus went to West mall and he said yes. So I changed my plans because I have been thinking that I would some day take the bus to West mall. The bus came and we all piled in. The bus was really just a 10 passenger minivan. As we rode toward Port of Spain I asked a fellow passenger where to get off. She said something to the driver so when we got there he announced the stop. I got off and crossed the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the road and the mall. Once in the mall I roamed around looking into stores and found a KFC. I stopped my wandering and had a KFC lunch. It’s been a long time and was a treat. Next I found the Massy store, went in and bought some groceries. Back out on the street I waited for the bus at the crossover bridge. No busses came but a stream of cars kept stopping dropping off passengers. I finally decided these were like taxis similar to what we used in the Turks and Caicos. The next one that came I jumped into the front passenger seat. The driver asked me where I was going and I said Peakes. He said 20TT (it’s about 6.40 TT per USD) I said ok and away we went. The car had other people in the back seat so the driver was talking to them really fast and I didn’t understand anything he said. Once the other people were dropped off he slowed down, so then I could understand. I was soon back on Changes and had all the groceries put away.

I went to see Kennedy to invite him over for drinks later. Around 6p Kennedy knocked on the hull and I invited him up. I got out the ice cubes and the Scotch. We settled in for the next couple of hours of story swapping. Once he left, I cooked up some chicken, rice and green beans. Supper was good and I had some rice left over for tomorrow.


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