Dominos today

November 30 Sunday

This morning after coffee I walked over to the gas dock and got 10 liters of gas for the outboard. After I got back, I washed the under side of the dodger. After this I read then had lunch. At 12:30 I started to walk over to Cruise Inn where dominos is played. I stopped at the Massy store over there to pick up a few supplies.

My playing was better than last week and I finished in the lower middle of the players. I got a dingy ride back to changes from Marcus and Margie from ISLAND KEA II. They are docked two boats north of Changes and I have been helping them sort out some electrical issues.

I read some more and cooked supper of fried potatoes, burger and green beans. After supper I talked to Lorraine on FaceTime audio for a half hour.


From Lorraine:

I’ve started packing up for my return to Trinidad in Wednesday. Unfortunately, I kept the back hatch open a little too long for loading items pin the van so drained the battery. A short walk down the street at the corner gas station yielded jumper cables for purchase, and with my Nephew Joe’s help, I was able to start the car. I took some boxes and a plastic tub that had previously held work supplies to the brick barn, updated my library card so it doesn’t expire while I’m gone as it’s my main supply of eBooks and audiobooks. I also picked up some fuel stabilizer for the van.

Tomorrow will be an even busier day wrapping up life on the hard.

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