Oops some small things forgotten

December 1 Monday

This morning I finished reading volume one of Shelby Foote’s book The Civil War.

I noticed yesterday that no anchors were rigged. The bow roller was empty. This would not do as when we left the dock we have to be ready to lower the anchor at a moments notice if something went wrong. I remembered that the anchors were in the anchor locker under the dingy. I raised the bow of the Dinghy with a spinnaker halyard. Got out the stern and bow anchors and connected the deepset bow anchor to the chain from the windlass. After the anchors were in place I lowered the dingy and tightened the ratchet straps holding it down. Next I had to retune the rig as for some reason it was very loose.

The other day I scraped my ankle on the anchor roller bolt. It was sticking out past the nut 1 inch. I finally cut off the bolt, now hopefully it won’t be a problem.

The rest of the day went by reading, relaxing and cooking supper.

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