Hurrah Lorraine is home

In preparation for Lorraine arriving today I cleaned a little and filled the water tank and sun showers. At 7p Ian the taxi driver knocked on the boat and introduced me to Diane. She drove me to the airport so we could pick up Lorraine. We got there at 8 PM and Lorraine came out of customs at about 8:50p. I didn’t see her when she came out and she shouted my name ( a couple times) I hurried over and gave her a big hug. ( REALLY big) I was sure good to see her again. Diane got the car and drove us back to Changes. I’m just happy to be together.


The trip was fine. I loaded some last minute charts on my iPad before we left the States and worked on starting a pair of pink socks. I know that I don’t need them here, but they are a small project to work on the plane. Only snafu was I didn’t have paperwork from when we left Trinidad, but I did have our scanned documentation for Changes in my iPad and gave them enough information that he let me through. I told him we were leaving tomorrow. He asked if the boat was working and I said yes. Going through Customs, I went in the line where you had something to declare (food). It was MUCH shorter than the line if you didn’t have anything to declare. She looked through the tan bag and waved me through. That’s when I saw that someone had gone through the bag and broke off one of the zipper pulls. Really had to use a LOT of strength to do that. As I said to Phil, if that’s the worse thing that happens this trip, we’ll be lucky.

It felt so good to take off my tennis shoes and put on a dress as it IS hot (compared to Ohio) and humid. It must have rained hard as I’ve gotten a couple drips from the window on the back of my neck. It will take a little getting use to being on the boat. I told Phil that our saloon area from the back cushions across to the other back cushions is about the size of a queen size bed. Lots of organizing to be done, but that can wait for another day.

We plan to check out tomorrow morning then sail to Scotland Bay to anchor and then leave about 330pm for Grenada. The Weather forecast is for winds to be from 90-120 degrees at 10-12kts waves 2-3ft from NNE 9-10sec intervals and ENE swells. We’ll have beam to broad reach. Hopefully the seas won’t be too confused and this is about as good as you can get. I wish that we could have an excursion here, but this is too good of a window to pass by. It will take at least 18 hours to get to Prickly Bay in Grenada.


9 thoughts on “Hurrah Lorraine is home

  1. Lorraine,

    Good to hear that you guys are finally underway. We are in St Lucia
    heading for St Ann Martinique next week. We’ll be there for a while.
    Our other friends on Vision Quest are waiting in Prickly Bay for parts
    to come. Perhaps you’ll meet up when you get there. Rick French
    did a hash with us last spring


  2. Glad to hear that you made it to Trinidad and Phil safely. Miss you already. Have a safe and quick trip to Grenada. Happy sailing! Sally M.


  3. Glad you made it back to the boat Lorraine! I know Phil is REALLY happy to see you. I remember how good of a cook you are & I think will enjoy something other than chicken or hamburger, rice & green beans. Safe travels this winter! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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